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Many people dream of celebrating their wedding day on a remote beach, with their friends and family with them to share the moment. With some of the most beautiful and photogenic beaches in the Ionian close by, the Christina is the perfect way to make this dream a reality.

Build your ceremony into a full day cruise with a private day charter, or cruise at sunset for an idyllic ceremony on board or on the beach.

The ChristinaCruises Weddings at Sea means a heavenly day of love and laughter for you. We’re sure you have a picture in your head of how you’d like your wedding day to be. We’re here to help ensure the dream in your head comes true. We understand it can all feel a bit daunting to arrange too, but you can rely on our knowledge and attention to detail to make it all as stress-free as possible.

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5 Reasons to wedding event, cruise with us

1.The most beautiful natural landscapes of the Ionian Sea will make your event unique and timeless through pictures

2.The tradition meets modern through our site manners and customs in a scenario plan for you

3.The sea serenity, calms and gives the romance of the best moment of your life through the services we offer

4. Carefully plan every detail of your wedding event, giving basis to whatever your desires with love and responsibility.

5.Your guests will talk for years for this wedding event since it would not have experienced before. We guarantee this with our extensive experience in wedding cruises they have made

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