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About us

Μία μέλισσα μέλι ου ποιεί 

One bee alone does not make honey (ancient Greek phrase)

The Christina is a family-run business, in the very best Greek tradition. Spanning 3 generations, we all contribute in our own way.



The Captain of the Christina and the founder of the business. Having started helping his father, Babis, with the small family boat in 1976 by taking tourists on cruises to the local islands, Stelios had always dreamed of owning a traditional wooden sailing boat. In 2000, his dream became reality when he bought the Christina. Stelios is the skipper, mechanic, engineer, team leader and driving force behind the team.


General manager

The Captain’s wife, Jane is the secretary and general manager and handles the day to day running of the business, including bookings, social media, marketing and finance. Jane also works on board the Christina as a crew member and guide.

Harry and Christopher

The mini-Captains

Stelios and Jane’s two sons, Harry and Christopher, have been keen crew members pretty much since they were born, and join the team on board at weekends and on the long school summer holidays. Harry is an ace Captain-in-training, Christopher is more often found downstairs in the ship’s kitchen, helping with the washing up!


Captain’s Mother

The Captain’s Mother, and arguably the most important member of the team. As well as keeping the Captain in line, Xanthi is responsible for making much of the Christina buffet lunch, including her famous tzatziki.


Cutest member

Possibly the cutest member of the team, Alfa is our 7-year old crossbreed. He likes nothing more than chilling out with guests on board, finding the shady spots to take a nap and entertaining the younger guests with his high-fives. You can follow him and his adventures on Instagram @alfalefkada

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